Rabid Fox vs. Jogger

Ariz. runner hoofs it for a mile with fox attached to her arm

Anyone who goes running regularly has experienced bummer moments after just getting started—reactivating old injuries, bonking, and the like. But an Arizona jogger just survived whopper: Only a mile into her run, an unidentified jogger in Chino Valley got attacked by a rabid fox. But it gets worse. After the fox bit her, she ran back that mile to her car with the slavering animal clamped to her arm.

The fox bit into her arm and would not release his bite even as she tried to choke him. Assuming the fox was rabid and understanding that containing the animal for testing would be essential, she ran back towards car with the fox still maintaining a bite in her arm. Once at her car, she was able to pull the fox's jaw open, release his grip on her arm, and wrap the fox tightly in a sweatshirt she had been wearing. She threw the fox into the trunk of her car and drove quickly to Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

At the hospital, doctors confirmed the fox had indeed been infected by rabies, and the runner is currently undergoing a notoriously long and painful vaccination treatment. She and an animal control officer who had been bitten are expected to recover.

Two words: Hard. Core. This lady must be either the toughest jogger in the world, or Chuck Norris.

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—Ted Alvarez

Rabid fox attacks jogger at Granite Mountain (AZ Family)