Rabid Bat Breaks Up Campground Jam Session

The winged creature took a bite out of the guitarist.

A lighthearted jam session in Oregon's Clackamas County turned scary when a rabid bat took a bite out of the guitarist's neck.

Local news station KATU reports that Derrick Skou was strumming with his campmates when the bat encircled, then attacked him. Check out the footage:

After biting Skou, the bat perched itself in a nearby tree and swooped down twice more before the men killed it with a BB gun. Later tests by county health officials confirmed that the animal was rabid.

Skou is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing a series of anti-viral injections.

Rabies infections are relatively rare in the United States, but the Center for Disease Control notes that around 90% of reported cases can be traced to bats.

(via Huffington Post)