Polar Bear To Obama: 'Fix Climate Change'

A great white bear stands up to Obama's climate change promises in Copenhagen

This morning, while President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, a very unusual protester called him out. As Obama gave his speech in the background on video monitors at Copenhagen’s Climate Conference, a visibly irritated polar bear reared up on four legs to warn Obama about climate change, challenged him to live up to his promises. Watch:

We’re quite used to bears getting vocal around here, but this seemed a bit beyond the pale—and it is. Turns out the man in the suit is Brendan Cummings, a lawyer and public lands director for the Center for Biological Diversity. (We had our suspicions when we heard him speak; somehow, I expected a polar bear’s voice to be growlier and less neurotic.) They previously pressured the administration to put polar bears on the Endangered Species list, and they succeeded.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the bear’s needling works. If not, you should probably look out for that attractive grizzly across the bay, Mr. Polar Bear.

—Ted Alvarez

Polar bear ‘warns’ Obama about climate failure (DotEarth)