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Alaskan man runs circles around his truck to escape a hungry (but cute) polar bear

In Barrow, AK—the northernmost town in the U.S.—working outside means you have to worry about being eaten by a polar bear. An unidentified surveyor narrowly avoided becoming lunch for the world’s largest land predator by essentially playing ring-around-the-rosey around his truck with the behemoth bruin.

In this spectacular photo sequence, the bear first peers over the truck at the unfortunate menu item, and then cruises in for the kill. The man struggles to keep the truck between himself and the charging polar bear, and eventually makes a break for another truck with an unlocked cab. He got to safety, but not without enduring over 100 scratches. Ouch.

Question for the photographer, Roger Nilsson: I understand that polar bears (even rampaging ones) are unbearably cute, but couldn’t you have dropped the camera and distracted the bear, or maybe dialed 911? Just curious.

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—Ted Alvarez

Chilling game of hide and seek with a hungry polar bear (Daily Mail)

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