Permits On Yosemite's Half Dome

Starting this summer, hikers bound for Yosemite's Half Dome must purchase a permit first

If you’ve got dreams of tackling Yosemite’s Half Dome on a spare weekend this summer, you’ll need to get a permit first. In an effort to control crowds and make the popular climb safer, the National Park Service will begin requiring permits for weekend climbers on Half Dome. 

Starting in May, only 400 climbers will get permits to tackle Half Dome (100 of these will be included in wilderness permits). Last year, climbers on peak days hovered somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,200, resulting in crowding, long waits, and fatal accidents. Manoj Kumar fell to his death in deteriorating conditions, and the following weekend, another woman took a spill and suffered serious injury.

Permits are available now and can be purchased for $1.50 online or by calling (877) 444-6777. One person can buy up to four permits, and every person attempting Half Dome must have one, or a ranger will turn you back.

—Ted Alvarez