Outdoor Retailer: The Concert

BACKPACKER's green editor Berne Broudy rocks the mic for the Conservation Alliance anniversary party.

Despite what you might think about Outdoor Retailer, it's not all "gear, gear, gear" at this year's trade show (OK, it's mostly gear). Companies in the outdoor industry have a long history of supporting conservation efforts, most notably through the Conservation Alliance.

The nonprofit environmental organization celebrated its 20th anniversary last night, and an improvised band—the Outdoor Industry All-Star Band—played to a packed house. Our own green editor, Berne Broudy, took center stage as the band's singer. Who knew? Other surprise talents included Osprey's Gareth Martins on sax and flute, and Verde PR's Todd Walton on bass. To see what the Conservation Alliance has accomplished over the years, go to http://www.conservationalliance.com.

—Dennis Lewon