Outdoor Retailer: Demerit Badges

Nothing commemorates your outdoor failures like these Scout-style patches.

Here's a fun product that's based on two simple premises: 1. We've all done dumb things, and 2. Eagle Scouts needn't be the only ones showing off their accomplishments. I was cruising through the booths in the ballroom yesterday after Backpacker's happy hour, sipping on a pint, when the founder of Demeritwear popped over to give me a badge commemorating my beer-walk. It's round and badgey just like the merit badges i used to get when i was a Scout—except it has a frothy stein on it.

Some of them don't make sense (what's up with the grocery shopping one?), while others are all about college partying (praying to the porcelain gods, etc.). But then there's their Outdoors collection: There's a badge for every stupid thing you've ever done on a camping trip. Burnt the marshmallow? check. Packed too much crap? Check. I've earned so many, I might have to buy a sash.

See more at www.demeritwear.com.

—Shannon Davis