Out of the Wild

An ode to the joys of sloth, and tonza photos too

Greetings earthlings. I have returned from Planet Alaska where I spent the last month bothering bears, chowing berries, hopping boulders and drowning alarm clocks. I am now dedicated to getting my business back in order, eating anything BUT noodles or energy bars, and clearing the backlog on my Tivo.

Ah contrast! The spice of life! There's nothing like a month of healthy living, fresh air, and killer scenery to make you appreciate the fleshy corruptions of civilization. The differences lend perspective and context to life. Everything becomes clearer. I now understand - truly understand - that nachos are the pinnacle of human achievement.

It appears that while I was up north thrashing through cold streams, wet alder and gorgeous mountain ranges, I also developed a serious allergy to typing and constructive thought. Fortunately I still have many mindless manual tasks to work through: unpacking some very smelly gear, shipping back a ton of test cameras and camcorders (more on that in an upcoming magazine feature), and sorting through 125 Gigs of still images and video.

In retrospect my trip seems like a haze of driving, hiking, map reading, changing layers, pitching camp, shooting, tracklogging, and rain, lots and lots of rain. But apparently I was indeed productive. As proof, here are a few highlight images from the trip. Enjoy. I'll blog further over the weekend, assuming my brain reboots. --Steve Howe

Fireweed in the Kenai Mountains

Mistress Betty hiking below Girls Mountain

Yours truly searches for Grizzly Pass in the Talkeetnas

Grendade-sized raspberries in the Kenai

Fog, rain, exhaustion and defeat in Wrangell-St. Elias

Whazzat noise? Hut life in the Delta Mountains

Point&Shoot camera testing above Castner Glacier

Early autumn along the Little Susitna River

The Harding Icefield.

Fireweed gone to seed. Summer's over.

Moraine gear cache beneath Black Cap

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