OR: Want A Stink-Free Shirt—For Free?

Agion offers up 5,000 free shirts for active people to test their anti-stink technology.

Are you in the market for a free shirt? How about a free shirt that doesn't stink after a hard day on the trail? You're in luck: Agion's half-and-half baselayer (half treated with the latest odor-control treatment, half untreated) is the classic apparel test. Now readers can try it themselves with Agion's newest treatment, which uses both silver and minerals to prevent stink buildup for as much as week of hard use.

Here's Agion's pitch:

Are you active? Whether you are an extreme athlete whose idea of a good time is hanging off the side of a mountain or a weekend warrior who likes to hit the pavement any chance you get - stink cannot be an issue. Now you can play hard and stink at nothing with Agion Active, a revolutionary new odor elimination technology that will change your expectations about apparel performance, we guarantee it!

Don't believe us? Test it yourself.

The Challenge?

  • We’ll send you a custom – specially made Agion Active T-shirt and you do the rest.
  • Half the shirt is treated with Agion Active and the other half is untreated.
  • Push the shirt to the limits with the most extreme workout activities you can think of and experience the difference.
  • Write back to us with your evaluation and a picture and/or video of yourself testing the shirt.

Go to http://stinkatnothing.com and they'll send you a shirt. There are only about 5,000 available, so you better hurry.

—Dennis Lewon