OR: Trailside Happy Hour

At Outdoor Retailer, Senior Editor Shannon Davis finds everything you need for a backcountry Happy Hour—salsa and beer mug included


Wednesday is hump day, right? We can agree on that? And the thing you need to do on Hump Day is hit a happy hour. By 10 a.m. on the second day of Outdoor Retailer, i found all the tools I’d need to have one trailside. Here we go:

Backpacker’s Pantry Salsa ($5). It’s as good as any Pace or Ortega.

Stanley 1913 Lunch Case ($25, 418 grams, or about a pound). Put your chips in here, and they will be safe from all crushing forces.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitter’s Lounger ($110, heavy). Hang from nearest burly tree branch, creekside preferred.

Stanley’s Chugger ($28, approx 6oz.) I may have the model name wrong on this, but i know what it does: it holds 32 ounces of your favorite carbonated beverage (me: Dale’s Pale Ale) and keeps it cold, keeps it from going flat, and provides a great chuggable spout—the same size as a beer bottle spout.

Heaven. Might not be making that 1:00 appointment.

—Shannon Davis