OR: Stuff Made of Magic

In his final OR dispatch, Senior Editor Shannon Davis discovers enchanted running recovery suits and permethrin potions to stop bugs from attacking, well, everything

Check out Saucony’s new Recovery Suit. You’re supposed to sleep in it, so I guess that technically makes them pajamas. Regardless, you’ll look sort of like a superhero, sort of like a preschooler while couch surfing in this thing. Part of their AMPRO line, the $200 jammies are made of celliant fabric–a polyester infused with minerals that are said to increase circulation and oxygen (it’s also used in socks for diabetics). The idea is that this will improve your bloodflow and thus speed recovery from long runs—and maybe long days on the trail. We’ll find out: We’re getting the two-piece version to try. If it works, it might just replace both my long underwear and my Spider-Man costume.

In other sorcery news, both Sawyer and Coleman are coming out with bug repellent for clothing and gear. Spray the permethrin treatment on shirts, pants, socks, and hats to create a bug-blocking force field that will last up to six washings. Coleman told me you could even spray your dog with this stuff. Sawyer said to get increased performance, spray it on and then iron it in (to your clothes, not your dog)—you’ll get double the time of performance. Saywer’s costs $15 for 24oz (enough to treat four complete outfits). Coleman’s (pictured) is $6.99 for 6 ounces. Coleman also has a new spray creatively named Cooler and Gear Deodorizer that kills stench and replaces it with a light citrus scent ($3.99). I could definitely use some of that for my dog.

—Shannon Davis