OR: Remote Controlled Boot Liners; "True Seamless" Sock Tehcnology

Keep your tootsies warm and blister free with these two updates to everday gear.

Remote Controlled ThermoSoles Boot Liners

You all know the feeling. You've just stepped out the door on a winter morning, for a hike or a snowshoe, and your toes are freezing! The thought of tromping through the forest evokes fears of frostbite. Enter the Remote Controlled ThermoSoles Boot Liners. With the click of a button your (fully rechargeable) boot liners can be clicked to high temps. But then you hoof it for a bit and the feeling returns, and soon you're climbing the highest point in your backyard and your feet (and self) are on fire. Don't annoy your partners by constantly changing socks and shoes. Just use your remote control to turn off (or to the low or medium setting) your liners. Instant control over foot warmth. (Hopeully, we'll get these in the hands of our online gear testers soon, for a true test.) http://www.verseo.com/thermosoles-rc.html

"True Seamless" Socks from Darn Tough

If the thought of "seamless socks" has you scratching your head, check out this video from the people at sock maker Darn Tough. Instead of a seam being stitched at the toe by a machine (or incredibly fast hand sewer), an open-toed sock form is wrangled through a machine that pulls the fabric from either side of the opening and stitches the two ends (seamlessly you see) together. Currently only Darn Tough's ski socks and mesh-based trail running socks feature the technology, called "True Seamless". Their cushioned line is able to effectively hide any toe seam.

--Katie Herrell