OR: New Tent Company - SlingFin

There's a new tent company in town and it caters to the hard core.

There's a new tent company in town at the Outdoor Retailer's "Tent City" [literally a fenced in grassy patch across from the Salt Palace covered in tents] and they don't include the word "budget" or "bargain" anywhere in their marketing materials. That's because SlingFin caters to expedition style campouts; their almost 72-pound BFD tent sleeps 20+, has five doors, 15 windows, and a 118" interior height. I had some fun crawling in and out of thing with my video camera in the Tent City. It's like a tent made from a life-size Erector kit. Here's a brief video preview (there's no audio so feel free to watch on mute to block out the background noise):

Although the company is new, the tent makers behind the company are not. Martin Zemitis (Founder/VP/Designer/Gearhead, according to their website slingfin.com) was a Mountain Hardwear co-founder and has been working in the industry for 33+ years. Co-founder and President Timothy Baka - also came from MH. As soon as I can track down exact retail prices I'll post them.

--Katie Herrell