OR: Cool New Gear Patagonia Ultralight Down Shirt, Jacket, and Hoodie

Patagonia's latest line of down products may make you rethink how you layer from here on out.

Back in the day, down was reserved for big super-warm jackets that made you look like the Michelin Man. We all know that's changed in the past few years and Patagonia's most recent foray into down products has us salivating. The Ultralight Down Shirt ($250), designed as both an outer and insulating layer, features cubes of 800 fill down and could replace your fleece mid-layer if Patagonia has it's way. The company introduced it last year but are now expanding the line with a jacket ($279) and hoodie ($299) for this coming fall. We're psyched to test them out. Look for a full report later in BACKPACKER.