OR: Cool Gear--Genesis Magik 1R Headlamp

Hands-free technology comes to the forehead

Part of the reason we so like headlamps is that they make life better: You don’t have to slobber up a flashlight while trying to open the Top Ramen package, or you can wield dual poles while keeping a beam of light on the trail.

But when it’s cold, you often have to take off a glove to work the buttons, or sometimes your hands arey too slop-covered to click on the lamp. With the Magik 1R by Genesis, consider those days over. 

With a wave of the hand (the same motion you’d use to snap someone out of a zone-out) within two inches of the lens, 125 lumens goes on, 125 lumens goes off. Smaller stuff like sticks or branches apparently doesn’t trigger the mechanism, nor does your buddy who keeps walking in front of you. (There’s also a manual override should you be doing something close-up).

The light apparently lasts 100 hours (on low), dims smoothly from 100 percent to 10 percent, has a red beam to help preserve night vision, and weighs around 3.4 ounces. The package will cost around $75. We’ll give this sucker a run-around and let you know how it works out. genesisled.ca

—Casey Lyons