Oprah Goes To Yosemite

The Queen of All Media dips a toe in camping to get more people of color out to national parks

It's happening, people: Oprah has finally crossed into the BACKPACKER sphere. In her final season, the beloved TV host is chronicling her two-day camping adventure in Yosemite. Highlights include fly fishing, a trip to a Fresno REI (where she sarcastically—let's hope—points to a tent and says, "what's that?"), and learning the fine art of camp cooking (she probably should've consulted Trail Chef first). You can catch her camping show today and tomorrow.

She was joined by her ever-present companion Gayle King, and shenanigans aside, she was on a mission. This portion of her farewell season is dedicated to getting more African-Americans and people of color to visit national parks. Yellowstone ranger Shelton Johnson recently talked about the significance her visit to Yosemite could provide—likening it to a "cultural earthquake." Check it:

Watch a preview of Oprah's show here, and check local listings for air times.

—Ted Alvarez