Online Exclusive: Readers' Choice 2012: Regional Survey Results (Mountain West)


We called for your help—and you answered! We wanted to know your favorite long trails, parks, and hikes in the Mountain West . Here's how you responded.

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Q: Of these most viewed weekend trips on our website, which would you most like to do next weekend? (Assume weather's not an issue.)

A: These three trips topped the list: 


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>> Aspen, CO: Four Pass Loop (Maroon Bells)

>> Rocky Mountain National Park: Sandbeach Lake Loop

>> Grand Canyon National Park: South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel

Q: Of these big, classic trips in the Mountain West, which is #1 on your list to do before you kick the bucket?

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>> Teton Crest Trail

>> Crest of the Wind River Range

>> Grand Canyon: Tanner to Grandview

Q: What is your favorite long trail in the region?

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A: 47% of you prefer the Continental Divide Trail.

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1. Continental Divide Trail (47%)

2. Colorado Trail (33%)

3. Arizona Trail (9%)

3. Great Western Trail (9%)

4. Grand Enchantment Trail (2%)

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Q: What's the best trailside pub in your region?

Q: What’s the top trail town in your area?


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