Onion Spoof: "Missing Hikers Would Make Great Movie"

No one likes to hear reports of wilderness search-and-rescue missions coming over the wire, but I think we can all admit that in our dark little hearts, we might wonder from time to time which ones have the requisite amount of drama to fuel a Hollywood adaptation. The dependably hilarious folks at The Onion explore the idea in this video:

Breaking News: Plight Of Missing Hikers Will Make Great Movie

It’s funny — I’ve often thought to myself that if I’m ever stuck in a wilderness survival situation that becomes a movie, Matt Damon would be a great choice to play me as well. But for some reason, everyone I tell this to seems to think Danny DeVito would be a better choice. Interesting. — Ted Alvarez

Plight Of Missing Hikers Will Make Great Movie (The Onion)

Via Modern Hiker