On Everest, Pro-Tibet Protesters Could Be Shot


In the never-ending saga of Everest's wackiest season, the stakes just got higher. Before, it seemed like the worst Nepal could do to offenders of their strict policies this season is yank their permits and boot 'em off the mountain. But now officials are saying potential pro-Tibet protesters on Everest could pay with a much higher price — their life

"About 25 soldiers and policemen have established camps on the mountain and they have been ordered to use force if necessary to stop any anti-Chinese activities," Mod Raj Dotel, spokesman for the home ministry, said Sunday. "This could mean shooting if necessary."

Security personnel will also check mountain climbers for non-essential expedition materials, Dotel added.

"If anyone is found with anti-Chinese material their permit will be canceled and returned from the mountain," he said.

These Chinese-flavored methods are disturbing to say the least, not to mention a big blow against Nepali/climber relations. As much as we cherish the right to free speech and demonstration, perhaps it'd be wise for any vigilant climbers to keep their protests in their pack for now. In this topsy-turvy climbing season, the last thing we need is any bloodshed at base camp.

Man, monsoon season can't come quickly enough. — Ted Alvarez

Nepal: Everest pro-Tibet protesters may be shot (CNN)

Via The Adventurist