NY Times Agrees: Get Kids Outside

Times columnist Nicholas Kristof urges us to get kids outdoors, and gives a shout-out.

We’ve been sayin’ it for years: Get the kids outside, and you’ll solve a multitude of world problems, from obesity to a foundering environment to egotistical jerks. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof agrees in his blog on the Times website:

In his broader column, Kristof relates lessons learned while backpacking around Mt. Hood with his daughter: sleeping under stars is great until it starts to rain, most kids should get rained on more, and they would do well to learn what happens when they lick a banana slug.

For parents eager to get their kids outside but unsure of how to start, Kristof even offers this sage wisdom:

Sounds like a brilliant man to us.

—Ted Alvarez

Hitting The Great Outdoors (NY Times)