Next-Level Adventure Film: Foamboating

"Wet Dream Result" pokes fun at kayaking, adventure films in general

Is there anything more pretentious than dropping off of ever-bigger waterfalls in a kayak and filming it? Probably, but I'm likely just sore from my clumsy and ill-advised misadventures in a boat, so consider me biased.

A group of amateur filmmakers simultaneously pops the balloon of extreme kayaking and adventure documentaries in one fell swoop with "Wet Dream Result," a hilarious parody of kayaking films like "Dream Result." In it, foamboaters (wait till you see 'em) bloviate about the importance of their envelope-pushing sport:

Is it weird that I kind of want to try foamboating now? Probably, but it's not stopping me.

—Ted Alvarez

Wend via Adventureblog