Never a Dull Moment

The past couple of weeks have taken us on route that could best be described as a toddlers scribbles on a map.

Well, our much needed R & R that we were enjoying didn’t last too long. The past couple of weeks have taken us on route that could best be described as a toddlers scribbles on a map.

Our event in Chattanooga at Rock/Creek Outfiters kicked everything off. We were able to stay in Cherokee National Forest for a few extra days, which was nice because we were one of only maybe 10 campers in the entire campground – but that would be the last of our relaxing days for a while.

After Chattanooga, we were off to Atlanta for our stop at High Country Outfitters. We were looking forward to this stop in particular because it was where we were picking up our Sylvan Sport GO camper – which we have quickly turned into our new home. Kim wrote up a great review of the GO on her blog, So Many Places, and you can read the review here.

After Atlanta, it was off to North Carolina for our Winston Salem stop at the Hanes Mall Eddie Bauer store. As appreciative as we were for the 60 or so people who came out for the Tour, we were most appreciative of the air conditioned mall after spending 3+ days in 90 degree heat with over 50% humidity!

After Winston-Salem, we had to rush home for a family emergency on Wednesday, only to turn around on Thursday and head to Damascus for Trail Days. This was our first trail days, and we loved it! One of the many highlights of the weekend-long event was leading the parade of thru-hikers through the city. It was our first time in a parade, but hopefully not our last, as we hope to be in the parade of hikers in the years to come!

After three days of Appalachian Trail fun, we turned north again to visit grandparents in West Virginia. Being able to visit our friends and family that are spread all over the country has been one of the best perks of being o the Get Out More Tour for us. We feel lucky that we get to not only spread our love of the outdoors to people all over the country, but also get to spend time with the people we love as well – especially grandparents who are pushing 90 but showing no signs of slowing down!

Now we are back in North Carolina, preparing for the Asheville Mountain Sports Festival. I’d be lying if I said I’d rather be attending this festival rather than working with it, but such is life. If you are in town, swing by our booth to grab a free Backpacker magazine and any other swag that we’ll have!

We hope to see you on the trail or at an event near you soon!

-Kim and Brian