Nature: More Powerful Than You

Amateur filmmakers capture raw power of January flood on Oregon's Sandy River

On January 16, Tyler Malay and Alexandra Erickson were around to capture Oregon's Sandy River as it filled with rainwater, overflowed its banks, and washed away roads, houses, and trees. The result is a mesmerizing short film that captures how tame rivers can become uncontrollable monsters when they collude with a powerful raincloud. Check it:

Sandy River Flood from alexandra erickson on Vimeo.

If there's one good thing about the DSLR film revolution, it's that now so many more people are empowered to make tiny, beautiful documentaries that capture timely events. I have only one complaint: It's a little jarring listening to gentle coffeehouse funk while people's houses get washed away.

—Ted Alvarez

via Adventure Life