Mosquitoes Attracted to Beer

New research shows mosquitoes prefer victims who've been drinking

Bad news, backcountry boozers: Scientists have discovered mosquitoes are attracted to beer. Even worse, they prefer to attack people who've been drinking over those who haven't. Bastards.

It gets nastier. The research was specifically conducted to help gauge malaria risk in Burkina Faso, and the type of mosquitoes attracted to beer drinkers transmit malaria. Scientists draw the conclusion that these factors should be considered in public health campaigns to help prevent malaria in Africa.

No details on whether North American mosquito threats like West Nile virus could be affected, but it's probably a safe bet that mosquitoes here would behave similarly. Rocky over at the Goat makes a great point, though:

Fortunately, drinking a lot of beer makes you care less about getting bitten by mosquitoes and encourages building really big campfires that help keep the pests away.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Rock.

I'm generally in favor of letting animals carry on with as little human intervention as possible, but if this isn't a solid argument for the total eradication of a species, I don't know what is. Mosquitoes a're hitting us where it really hurts—in our beer guts.

—Ted Alvarez

via the Goat

Image Credit: Cote