Morning Wake-Up: BASE Jumping

The best part of waking up is hurling yourself off a cliff

Waking up is hard to do. Some groggy peeps use coffee, others tea, and still others won't truly slough off the chains of sleep until they get a hot shower. (Me, I'm typing this right now while taking a nap. Shhhh.)

But if you're still in need of a morning jolt to get you going, we'd like to humbly submit this compilation of BASE jumping videos. With myriad shots of crazy, adrenalized freaks leaping, skiing, somersaulting, and even parallel-bar-dismounting into the void, it's seven minutes of teeth-gritting thrills.

In fact, if you're still yawning by the end, you might want to check yourself for a pulse.

(Need a few trail-based thrills? Check out BACKPACKER's Most Dangerous Hikes. No BASE jumping, but still.)

—Ted Alvarez

Via The Goat