Morning TV Survival Blowout

Biker attacked by bear on TODAY Show, stranded Mt. Adams hiker on CBS

Petra Davis, the 16-year-old Alaskan mountain biker attacked by a grizzly during a race near Anchorage, appeared on the TODAY Show to talk with Meredith Viera about her horrific mauling, recovery, and hopes to race again someday. Her coach, Peter Bassinger, also talks about finding his pupil in such bad shape that he couldn't even recognize her. Check it:

Miracle survivor Derek Mamoyac of Philomath, Oregon, also turned up on CBS, where his rescuer and father talk about how he survived five days alone on Washington's Mt. Adams by crawling, drinking creek water, and eating centipedes. Check out Steve Howe's analysis of Mamoyac's lucky break over at the Survival Blog, and watch it here:

—Ted Alvarez

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