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Morning Funny: Accurate National Parks Maps

College Humor sends up Park Service with maps marking rocky, uneven ground unsuitable for camping, babies, and deceivingly difficult portions of trail

I was under the impression that College Humor stopped being funny around the time I left college, but That's probably just the ravages of age talking. Now and then they come up with a clever bit. The latest, "Accurate National Parks Maps," does just that: Rather than highlighting peaks and topographic landmarks, it marks the annoying features that plague many a national park frontcountry. It's so simple, I can't believe someone didn't think of it already (us). Here' s a taste of their take on a hiking trail:

Here's their version of the always-impossible-to-stake frontcountry campsite:

A little obvious, sure, but still cute. Check out two more on College Humor's site.

—Ted Alvarez