Mallory: The Movie

Julia Roberts produces movie about English explorer George Mallory

So who gets to say the immortal "because it's there"? Brad Pitt? George Clooney? Johnny Depp? Someone famous will: Julia Roberts is producing a biopic of George Mallory, the English explorer who famously bit it on the mother of all mountains back in 1924. Shekar Kapur (Elizabeth) will direct the movie.

For nigh on 80 years, speculation has reigned over whether Mallory made it to the top a full three decades ahead of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. But this film adaptation will focus on "Mallory's attempts to scale Everest and the toll it takes on his marriage, as the mountain becomes his obsession." Sounds juicy.

The film was written by Matthew Faulk and Mark Skeet, who also wrote Vanity Fair. Maybe that means we're in for more sumptuous period costumes than mountaineering derring-do.

I can just see the rousing "because it's there speech" being delivered in stentorian, gimme-an-Oscar tones. But that still leaves the huge question of who should play Mallory. Not sure if he can get the accent down, but based on looks, we're going to go with Tobey Maguire.

What do you think? Who should play George Mallory?

—Ted Alvarez