Mad Cow Hit-And-Run

Boulder cyclist gets trailside beef from an angry cow

Perhaps she was a steak-eater, or maybe she went cow tipping a few times as a rebellious teen: Whatever the reason, an angered cow charged a woman during her afternoon bike ride Monday not far from BACKPACKER headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

The cyclist said she spotted the cow in her path while riding along the South Boulder Creek Trail. She stopped to let it pass, but instead of moving on it rammed into her and knocked her flat.

In true kicking-you-while-you’re-down fashion, the cow then trampled the fallen woman’s legs. By the time the police arrived, the guilty criminal cow had already fled the scene.

This isn’t the first time Bessie’s gone nuts for a Boulder biker: In 2003, a (presumably) different cow rammed into a jogger on the same trail, fracturing her pelvis. Luckily, this week’s animal incident went down without serious injury, other than a badly bruised ego and perhaps a newfound paranoia of farm animals.

It could’ve been much worse: Back in TK month, we interviewed a Boulder man who hit a black bear on his bike, suffering cracked ribs and face lacerations.

Jason Vogel, vice president of the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, reassured nervous cyclists after the single cow stampede:

“It’s not something people should be concerned about,” he said.

Easy for him to say—he wasn’t on the receiving end of about 1,000 pounds of raw bovine fury.

--Morgan Keys

Cow charges cyclist on Boulder open space (Daily Camera)

Image Credit: hans s