A Louisiana Cougar?

Not even apex predators can resist a good crawfish Étouffée

Alright, mountain lions, we get it: You’re back and ready for your moment. But honestly, showing up in Louisiana? You guys are off the hook!

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officials have confirmed two recent cougar sightings 100 miles apart, the first sightings in recent Louisiana history. Private citizens submitted images from camera traps in Nachitoches Parish and Allen Parish. Officials say the two animals could be one in the same, but there isn’t enough evidence to definitively prove it.

Owning cougars in Louisiana is illegal without a special LDWF permit. Given cougars’ recent penchant for cross-country jaunts, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that they simply wanted some good ol’ Cajun and Creole cuisine. After sampling Amish country’s notoriously tasty homecooking last week, it kind of makes sense.

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