Lost Hiker Uses Bra To Spur Rescue

Maybe we should consider adding Victoria’s Secret to the Ten Essentials: A 24-year-old American hiker lost in the Bavarian Alps for over 70 hours alerted search crews to her plight by attaching her bra to a timber transport cable.

A worker on the timber cable in the Berchtesgaden region of Germany near the Austrian border found Jessica Bruinsma’s bra hooked to the cable and alerted police. Rescue crews in helicopters buzzed the area and found the Colorado woman waving from atop 1,250-metre crag, where she landed after falling from a 15-foot ledge. After an intense aerial rescue, Bruinsma was taken to a hospital in the valley below, where she’s listed in good condition despite suffering shoulder, ankle, and head injuries.

Police planned to cancel the search and recall between 60 and 80 emergency workers and five helicopters involved in the search because they hadn’t found any clues; they assumed she’d fallen off a cliff to her death. But the bra revealed they were looking in the wrong place.

Now that she’s recovering in a hospital with family, rescue workers haven’t been shy about sharing their analysis of Ms. Bruinsma’s unique survival skill methods.

Oh, snap! Methinks Gunther and Helmut might have a bright future ahead of them at the Stuttgart Das Improv Comedy Club…

— Ted Alvarez

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