Lighter Than Ti

Seeing a titanium spoon (or spork!) in another’s hand has long been the key indicator that you’re in the presense of a serious gearhead. This has perhaps also made you insanely envious, but then you think to yourself, “Man, that ramen sure looks sexy and delicious the way it’s gently cradled in the titanium like that…. But, dude, I’m sure as @#$ not spending like $40 on a frikkin spoon.” This is a reasonable way to think, and a great way to rationalize that your lexan jobbie is just as good. But you know you still itch for Ti.

Well, now you can stop itching and remain true to your penny-pinching sensibilities at the same time (Ba-boom!) with Sea to Summit’s new “Alpha Cutlery.” They’re using an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that’s been hard anodized. It’s 40 percent lighter than the same titanium model and more than a few schillings less expensive. Check out the Long Spoon. It’s got a long stem so you don’t get mucky knuckles when you dig into the bag of dehydrated stroganoff. It’s light as a feather. It’s only $9.95. It comes out this spring, which will be the same season that the Ti-toting gearhead’s pack will start to look a little bit heavy.

Shannon Davis