Lace Like a Pro: Different Shoe-Lacing Methods for Hikers


Are you plagued with post-hike foot pain? Do your dogs scream to be put down like Old Yeller every time you hobble into camp last? This happens a lot to hikers with differently shaped feet. But before you ditch your current pair of hiking boots and try another, you could try some of these innovative lacing methods.

It might be easy to just go with the standard lacing we've all been taught since we were three, but the lacing tips on boot maker Propet's website will help alleviate or prevent symptoms associated with high arches, wide feet, heel slippage, and even toe jamming. Luckily, the instructions come with illustrations to help you along if you're not exactly an ace with knots (don't be ashamed — we never got the whole "the rabbit comes out of its hole, round the tree and back down the hole" thing either).

We haven't had a chance to try it yet, but if one of you out there on the Innerwebs gets a chance to try this on-trail, let us know how it goes. Lacing Tips (Propet USA) Via Two-Heel Drive —Ted Alvarez