Jerk Elk Bites the Dust

Well-known, aggressive Yellowstone elk dies in freak circumstances

Whether human or ungulate, the rule of the universe still applies: Karma sure is a b****. A Yellowstone bull elk known as "Number 6" gained fame for attacking cars and even injuring park visitors around the national park. But his reign of terror ended on Sunday night in Gardiner, Montana, where officials found him dead in the most bizarre of circumstances:

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks staff members believe the animal tripped while trying to cross a fence and somersaulted onto his back, where he was pinned between rocks with his antlers beneath him. He then suffocated.

Um, what? I'm having trouble even picturing what that looks like. Yellowstone officials say they usually don't issue news releases when an elk buys the farm, but Number 6 and his main sparring partner Number 10 built quite a reputation with locals for their vehicular assaults. Said Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash:

“They were credited with a fair amount of damage to motor vehicles over the years. Occasionally a visitor gets injured. It may be interesting to see, but it’s a bit disconcerting when it happens to your vehicle."

Now, it might be easy to assume only a revenge-seeking, minivan-owning human could've pulled off a set-up like that—but I think it's the perfect frame job. But who would've wanted Number 6 dead?

Why, none other than ELK NUMBER 10!!!

You can put my honorary detective badge in the mail, Jackson Hole P.D. To the rest of you: Feel free to call me Matlock for the rest of the day.

UPDATE: Reader Chris pointed us to this YouTube clip of the big lug in action:

—Ted Alvarez

Well-known Mammoth elk dies in accident (Jackson Hole Daily)