Is a Wolf Stalking the Halls of Sochi? [Update: No]

Or maybe it's just a big malamute...?

[UPDATE 4:30 PM: Several news outlets are reporting that prankmaster Jimmy Kimmel has done it again. He is set to unveil the hoax on his late night show tonight. In other words, our author's skepticism was justified.]

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have seen their fair share of troubles – stray dogs running rampant, malfunctioning rings, no snow – but so far, Russian officials have successfully kept apex predators from hunting Olympians. Uh, maybe not anymore: U.S. Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted footage of what she believed to be a wolf haunting the hallways of her Sochi hotel. Look:

Me, I’m not convinced. It seems to lack a wolf’s signature long legs, and it also seems totally at ease, which means it could be a malamute, husky, or similar sled dog. Whatever it is, it certainly looks healthy – no surprise given its steady diet of high-protein Olympians.

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