Husky Says 'No' To Kennel Time—Literally

We've all been there.

Huskies are perhaps the greatest outdoor dogs. Their unending stamina means they can run to the top of any snowy peak with you (in fact, they'd prefer it if it's snowy). They don't stink (and are thus ideal tent cuddlers). They stare through your soul with ice-blue eyes. But there are drawbacks—the biggest one being that they aren't so great at doing what you tell them to do (unless it's "run!"). 11-month-old husky Blaze takes this poochy peccadillo to new, hilarious heights by verbally refusing to enter his kennel. Watch:

No one likes being told 'no'—but all told, Blaze is still a better communicator than my last climbing partner.

(via YouTube)