Homework On Everest

Jordan Romero continues his push to the top--and behaves like a 13-year-old in between

You'd think that if you were making a summit push on Everest, you could get a break from homework. Not so for Jordan Romero, who hopes to become the youngest atop all Seven Summits. While busy resting and planning from Everest Base Camp, Romero still has to hit the books.

From his blog:

From Jordan (in between Algebra assignments)- Last day at base camp, we had a good tough training day yesterday, all the way up to IBC (intermediate base camp) and back, we were all strong.

I don’t quite miss the food, as we have the BEST cook. I can’t even believe it. I do miss my friends and family, especially my buds at school, and my dog Frankie. Ad Alta

In addition to regular homework, his parents are also having Jordan catalog the effects of altitude on everyone in the team.

Additionally, Jordan is managing the full evaluation of the team, using a daily assessment tool called the ‘Lake Louis Consensus”, it’s a survey that everyone rates any and all symptoms that altitude imposes. Every night at dinner, he surveys the team, and logs his research. Thus far, the team all has well above average scores. It’s an awesome learning tool.

Way to go, mom and dad—that's a smart way to trick your kid into doing scientific research. Guess it counts as science class, and anyway it beats algebra any day.

—Ted Alvarez

via Jordan Romero's site