Hiking With Martha Stewart

Lifestyle guru and professed 'avid hiker' Martha Stewart chooses Acadia National Park for her stomping grounds

Love her or hate her, Martha Stewart is one of us—namely, an avid hiker. When not running her multimedia empire, finding nine ways to use a pumpkin, or shaming you into paying attention to your sconces, the craft queen can often be found hiking in Acadia National Park, near her house on Seal Harbor, Maine.

Before you snicker and snort, consider her list of favorite hikes: They include the Ladder, Beehive, Precipice, Dorr Mountain, Great Head, Hunters Beach, and Pemetic—not necessarily long-distance quad-busters, but all classics by most accounts. She goes on:

Hiking these diverse trails has become a passion and a favorite pastime in any season, and I never tire of the flora and the views in this gorgeous park.

Getting an early start is important to me. I love the solitude, the early morning light and the opportunity to see wildlife undisturbed by tourists and hikers.

We often have groups from the office join us for a weekend or for an off-site meeting, and hiking is an essential element of every visit. As we climb the stone stairs and granite-lined paths, everyone remarks on the incredible beauty, clarity of the air, perfection of the landscape and strenuous but invigorating exercise.

Martha even drops a few hiking tips—mostly basic stuff about wearing proper shoes, sticking to the trail, wearing sunblock, leaving an itinerary, etc. I was hoping for a do-it-yourself tutorial on crocheting a homemade, waterproof-breathable backpack or cobbling together the perfect backcountry Beef Wellington, but maybe she'll share that next time.

—Ted Alvarez

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