Science: Hiking (Can Be) Better Than Sex

Only one way to find out...
hiking grand canyon

Hiking into the Grand Canyon. (Photo by Moyan Brenn/Flickr)

CNN has just discovered what we backpackers have known for years: The natural high one gets from hiking or climbing can produce a flood of endorphins that matches or even surpasses those experienced during sex.

Of course, according to the article, some people experience the same rush from shoe shopping, sky diving, or public speaking. But I'd argue that those activities don't possess the same built-in readiness for sexy, sexy metaphors:

"Hiking and climbing mountains is better than sex," says Ramani Durvasula, a professor at California State University Los Angeles who discovered the sport last year after reaching a big weight loss goal.

"When you pull yourself up onto a summit -- and climax, so to speak, particularly as a woman -- the sheer physicality, beauty and endurance are like no other feeling on earth," she explains.

Yes! I think Prof. Durvasula can probably expect to teach uncommonly full classes this semester.

The article goes on to warn that any endorphin-producing activity can become potentially addictive, but in the hiker's case, this probably isn't so much of a bad thing. Worst comes to worst, you'll just pick up a goofy nickname and start engaging in back-to-back thru-hike challenges. Or turn into Andrew Skurka.

It's better than sex, they say (CNN)

Via Modern Hiker