Hiker, Grizzly Have Near-Miss on Highline Trail

The hiker scrambled down a ledge to hide from the bear.

A hiker narrowly avoided a grizzly bear on a narrow trail in Glacier National Park—and photographer Philip Granrud caught the whole thing on film.

Sean McKnight of Durham, North Carolina was hiking along the Highline Trail and did not hear warning yells from others in the area, the NY Daily Newsreports. Once he finally saw the grizzly bear coming toward him, McKnight clambered down the edge of the cliff to avoid the grizzly when the bear appeared 50-feet ahead of him.

“The bear had no place to go except down the trail,” McKnight told the paper. “But I did what they tell you do: Be calm, back up and don’t be aggressive.” Though he was carrying bear spray, he couldn't reach it immediately because it was located at the bottom of his pack.

After hiding for a few minutes, the bear moved on and left McKnight alone.

Granrud, for his part, snapped several photos of the near-miss encounter from a nearby ledge. "[McKnight] could have easily fallen to his death," he said.

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