Yosemite Hiker Killed by Rockfall

Park says Xuan Wang entered a closed area; incident is currently under investigation.

A hiker died on Sunday afternoon in Yosemite National Park after apparently entering a closed area, according to a news release.

Xuan Wang, 56, of Cupertino, CA, was struck by rock- and icefall on the iconic Mist Trail and died soon thereafter. The 7-mile trail, which tracks from Yosemite Valley to the top of Vernal Fall, is currently closed due to ice and other seasonal hazards. According to the park, the closure was clearly marked by signage and a gate across the trail

The incident is under investigation by park officials.

Wang’s death marks the first fatality of the year in Yosemite, which typically sees around a dozen fatal accidents and hundreds of search and rescue operations each year.