Hike Vermont's Long Trail!

New England hikers, rejoice: Every mile of this Vermont classic hike is now live on BACKPACKER.com.

Berne Broudy, hard at work on the Long Trail.

250 miles of trail, 200 waypoints, 135 photos—that's how much it took for BACKPACKER's Green Scene blogger Berne Broudy to map Vermont's classic Long Trail, which traverses the lush forests, stony peaks, and clear lakes and streams of the entire Green Mountain State.

That's good news for New England ramblers, because the fruits of her labor are live and online at www.backpacker.com/longtrail. You'll notice we also split the trail into 12 major sections for your reading pleasure. Thru-hikers can download the whole massive trail, while section hikers and casual trampers hoping to knock off a smaller portion of the scenic trail can peruse each section to find their their ideal hike.

Are you planning to hike the Long Trail? Have you already done it? Share your tips and experiences in the comments section below.

—Ted Alvarez