Hike of the Day: Falls Trail Loop in Pennsylvania

Pass 21 waterfalls on this 7.2-mile, five-star loop through a wrinkled ravine and tranquil forest in Ricketts Glen State Park.

Mapper Michael Badeaux turned in this beautiful waterfall hike in northeastern Pennsylvania. I hiked this 7.2-mile loop myself about five years ago and it's arguably the most beautiful dayhike in the Keystone State. The trail often skirts along the rushing creek near the waterfalls. Tip: If it's dipped below freezing for a few nights, slip on a pair of YakTrax or lightweight crampons. The trail can be lacquered in ice near the waterfalls and without extra purchase you'll slide like a crash test dummy into the icy creek. Or, skip the cold months and hike it next spring when the wildflowers bloom. Want more trail info and see more photos? Go to backpacker.com/hikes/14047.

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Kris Wagner, map editor