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Help Protect Public Lands

Utah college student and civil disobedience practitioner Tim DeChristopher hopes to raise money to buy public lands under threat from energy development. Here's how you can help.

Way back in December 2008, SuperSteve Howe over at BACKPACKER's survival blog The Pulsereported on Tim DeChristopher, the Utah college student who revived the art of civil disobedience to block energy companies from buying sensitive and scenic public lands in Utah. Rather than join the throng of protesters outside the land auction, he registered as a buyer and outbid the energy companies, snatching the land-grab right from under their noses.

Nevermind that he didn't have the money to actually pay for the land. That's where you come in: In an effort to make sure the public lands stay protected, DeChristopher is trying to raise $45,000 by Jan. 9th. to legitimately purchase those lands. If he can't come up with the sum, there's a solid chance that energy development companies will get another chance to nab the prize. The good news: Tim's raised a little more than $41,000, so he's got just a little more to go to accomplish his goal.

As you can imagine, the energy companies weren't stoked about Tim's brazen act of civil disobedience, and have threatened legal action. You can also contribute to his legal defense fund via Bidder 70.

—Ted Alvarez

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