Happy National Park Week!

You may not have heard, but Saturday kicked off the first National Park Week, a Presidentially-endorsed celebration of our many natural and historic national parks. National Park Week runs through Sunday, April 27. From the mouth of President Bush himself: 

That sounds serious — we better get out there. Several national parks have scheduled official events for National Park Week, including outdoor skills schools, nature walks, and Junior Ranger days. And, in another bit of auspicious timing, the first roads have opened up in both Yellowstone and Glacier. The holiday seems a bit early, considering that summer remains the busiest season for most national parks, but maybe even the Fed prefers to avoid bear jams on Going-to-the-Sun road.

Considering Bush’s wildlife/conservation record, this isn’t much more than a nice gesture, but if he can take out some time this week to bail out the park service with some much-needed cash for acquisitions, then we’ll be talkin’ ’bout some serious steps toward redemption.

(Note to self: Ask the Boss if we can make National Park Week a company holiday…)

— Ted Alvarez

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