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Greenopolis: Facebook For The Enviro Set


Finally, a social networking site with more in mind than brooding self portraits: Greenopolis seeks to bring together an interactive community of people trying to incorporate green solutions into their daily lives. Members can swap tips, meet up, and learn about enviro-friendly organizations, companies, and products (the site is conveniently sponsored by eco-friendly companies Seventh Generation and Waste Management).

Users create a profile much like they might on MySpace or Facebook, complete with photos, biographical info, and stats, but minus the intrusive ads for Fallout Boy's latest album. In addition, users can post their own green tips and personalize their own environmental space by listing environmental successes, strengths, and goals.

Greenopolis' unique points and rewards system might be the most intriguing aspect of the network. Users accumulate points by accomplishing either 1) site tasks like writing a green blog, adding a forum topic, posting comments, or adding local green events, or 2) real-world tasks, like recycling at local centers or volunteering time to community groups. These points can then be used for gift certificates, promotional products, contests and sweepstakes, and discounts at local retailers.

It'll take some time to see whether Greenopolis actually cultivates an active, motivated community — and whether that community can then translate online togetherness into real-world efforts to get green. But hey, if you've got even a passing interest in getting a bit more eco-conscious, it's one more place where you can put on your tight jeans, slather on the guy-liner, and slap up another emo-riffic, mirror-posed picture of yourself. — Ted Alvarez