Gore Launches Climate Action Ad Campaign


Documentary films, wide media coverage, and portents of doom from Former Vice President Al Gore haven't galvanized the public at large to pay attention to climate change — but can expensive, flashy ads do the trick? This week, Gore and co. announced plans to launch a three-year, $300-million global warming ad campaign in hopes of recruiting 10 million followers who can help push legislation to cap emissions and advocate for improved energy efficiency and alternatives.

"When politicians hear the American people calling loud and clear for change, they'll listen," Gore, the former Tennessee senator and 2000 presidential candidate, said in a statement.

The first ad, "Anthem," features grainy file footage of the beaches at Normandy, the Civil Rights movement, and astronauts on the moon; all the while, the dulcet, Oscar-nominated tones of William H. Macy explain that "we can't wait" to tackle the problem of climate change. But in equating climate change with other historic struggles of the modern era, can Gore finally electrify the public will to unite in an effort to stop climate change? See for yourself:

According to Gore and his Alliance For Climate Protection, 38 percent of Americans remain confused about global warming and 18 percent don't believe humans are contributing to it. Can Gore's ads change the status quo? What do you think? Have at it in the comments section, backpackers. — Ted Alvarez

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