George R.R. Martin Raising $200,000 for Wolves

The proceeds will benefit the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Santa Fe, NM.

George R.R. Martin might brutally crush your hopes and dreams for the human characters in his mega-popular Game of Thrones saga, but he clearly has a soft spot for wolves.

Via Prizeo, Martin is offering fans a chance to win a helicopter ride with him as well as a tour of the Wild Tour Wolf Sanctuary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Martin is an avid supporter of the sanctuary, which houses 60 wolves and wolf-dogs including the Westeros pack, named for the main locale of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books. Anyone donating a minimum of $10 to the cause will be entered to win. The campaign hopes to raise $200,000, and as of this writing, fundraising had already surpassed $189,000.

Of course, you can take chance out of the equation entirely if you've got an extra $20,000 lying around. For that amount, GRRM will name a character in the books after you—and then give him/her a suitably gory death.

Given the perpetual struggle to raise money and awareness for wildlife conservation issues in this country, GRRM has found an incredibly effective way to do both. Think of all the other wilderness issues he could tackle if he wanted to! For instance, Arya Stark is seemingly always in need of good hiking trails—maybe some rich GOT fan out there wants to chip in $20k for a trail-building organization in exchange for a character name? Just a thought!

In any event, the wolves of Santa Fe are about to be much, much better off. All is forgiven for the Red Wedding, GRRM—almost.

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