Gear Test: Gear Lab Boots

As our newest "Gear Lab: Boots" video debuts, we want to know how you'd trash top boots

Our latest edition of Gear Lab–where we trash top gear on camera—debuts today. For Gear Lab: Boots, we threw top-brand trail kickers into a cement mixer along with rocks, sticks, gravel, and even bricks, all in hopes of speeding up the wear and tear process on boots.

Check it out:

But this was by far one of our hardest tasks; it’s difficult to apply direct damage to boots in a controlled situation. So we’re asking you, the Daily Dirt faithful: How would you test boots in a future Gear Lab? Belt sanders? Drills? Flames? Nothing is too painful for Gear Lab, but it should help us understand and test the principles for what makes the toughest boot.

Share your devious ideas in the comments section below, and maybe you’ll see your ideas implemented in a future Gear Lab. Thanks!

—Ted Alvarez