Gear Lab: Packs

What happens when you drag five top packs on a gravel road? See the ugly results in our new Gear Lab video series

You know, sometimes I complain about the horrific conditions bloggers have to face at BACKPACKER HQ—being chained to the desk, getting fed gruel, that kind of thing. But one thing's for sure: When they let me outside, I'm in for a treat.

Witness Gear Lab, our latest video series. I was tasked with finding sick and twisted ways of mangling the top gear of the year. After saying a Hail Mary for all the souls of that perfectly excellent, innocent gear, I did my best to trash them.

In our first edition, Gear Lab: Packs, we tied five top packs to the back of an SUV and dragged them down a gravel road at 60 mph. Did any survive? Watch the video to find out:

Ouch—that must've hurt. But we're just getting started, so I better beg for more forgiveness: "Father in OR, forgive me for I have sinned..."

—Ted Alvarez